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Unlock your organization’s potential with our expert services, all designed to drive your success.

Board and leadership training

Our experts offer courses on governance and leadership-related topics, providing training and development for hundreds of organizations.

  • Introduction to the board
  • Board financial literacy
  • Running effective meetings
  • Chair-specific training
  • Board evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Board/staff relations
  • Executive coaching
  • Board coaching
  • Chair coaching
  • Implementation and change management


Whether you are a new executive director, incoming board chair, or seasoned CEO, an executive coach can help you become more effective in your role.

Strategic and operational planning

Through our extensive experience, we can help your organization come up with a solid strategic or operational plan, guiding you into a future of success.

  • Facilitation
  • Consultation
  • Training and guidance
  • Development and copywriting
  • Board retreats
  • Decision-making
  • Complex conversations
  • Annual general meetings
  • Mergers
  • Conflict resolution


Our facilitation services provide the support your group needs to navigate complex and challenging meetings or processes.

Governance support

We specialize in reviewing your governance structure and other services to help your board excel and provide more value to your organization.

  • Governance audits and reviews
  • Bylaws and policy review
  • Expert guidance and consultation
  • Best-practice implementation

Kevin knows his stuff. His classes were jampacked with information but presented in a way everyone could understand. His board classes should be taken by every board member!

The course was amazing. Kevin is very aware of the class and adjusts to different skills and experience of the board. Everyone learned something even us long-time board members.

He tried to get everyone involved and had us all participating just a few minutes after the class started. His speaking is clear and he had thoughtful answers to all our questions

I was thrilled to have the Guru as my facilitator for NPO Board Governance! Incredible, knowledgeable, entertaining! The participants were never ready to be done at the end of the evening! They learned so much that will be so beneficial to the Non-profit boards they sit on. If you are looking for an excellent facilitator do not hesitate to look to Kevin to fill that need!

Attending Kevin’s course on Non-Profit Board Roles & Responsibilities was invaluable. He kept my attention, and gave some fun anecdotes to help explain points. I am eager to learn more from him. Highly recommended!

Kevin spent the day with our leadership team and it was a full day of getting to know each other better as leaders as well as learning about finances, budgeting, and running effective meetings. 10/10 recommend Kevin for rockstar facilitation and engagement. If anyone can make a budget spreadsheet interesting, it’s him!

This was a very good workshop. Kevin set the right pace for a room of 40 plus people and kept them interested all day on a dry topic. Everyone had an opportunity to participate and contribute and there were lots of smiles in the room.

Kevin was the best facilitator I have seen in a long time. We will definitely be using him again. He was articulate, funny and adapted to our needs.

Rules and resources

Join hundreds of boards around the world and use Guru’s Rules to help you run a more effective nonprofit board meeting and set a stronger board culture. We’ve also harnessed our extensive experience to develop additional tools and templates that streamline your work.

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