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The Governance Guru is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based consultancy that works with the non-profit sector across Canada to help organizations have better oversight, accountability, and success.

Kevin Freedman, the Chief Board Services Officer and Founder of The Governance Guru is an internationally recognized governance expert with more than 60 years of cumulative experience sitting on non-profit, corporate, and public boards over nearly 20 years. For more than ten years he has been providing exceptional training, guidance, and facilitation services to organizations across Canada and internationally. Kevin has helped dozens of organizations develop and implement strategic and operational plans, has educated hundreds of directors and prospective directors, and has provided mentorship for executives and board chairs. Kevin has also been an executive director in the non-profit sector and is a long-time instructor with the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Winnipeg and has developed highly sought after classes taught to thousands of students.

Kevin is a multiple-award winning leader and social entrepreneur known for starting and leading multiple initiatives in Canada and abroad including an international water stewardship project and an ad-hoc aid organization. He is a prolific public speaker and has presented to hundreds of school and community groups on topics such as blood donation, voluntarism, and environmental issues.  For this work and more, Kevin is the recipient of recognition from the Mayor of Winnipeg, YMCA Canada, the Golden Key International Society, and the Governor General of Canada.

Kevin is also the developer of Guru’s Rules, the most comprehensive and simple set of meeting rules available made specifically for non-profits. And he kinda, sorta, stole a car once.

Governance Guru Logo - new


The Governance Guru is a values-driven team. Our principles are integral to our work and help us be more responsive to our clients’ needs. Our core organizational values are:

Open-mindedness – we are open to new ideas and directions. We bring creativity and innovation to our work; out-of-the-box thinking is core to who we are.

Transparency – we are honest and forthright with clients. Our team communicates why we have come to our conclusions. A trusting and open client-consultant relationship is essential to success.

Value creation – we aim to create value with every interaction and project. Our effort leads to your benefit.

Citizenship – we continuously work to improve our community and make efforts to incorporate a Triple Bottom Line approach into all work we do.

Passion – we love what we do! And we only seek opportunities where we think we can help and have a strong interest.

Professionalism – in all our consulting work, we strive to follow the ISO 20700 guidelines as well as the principles of the Certified Management Consultants of Canada.